Sunday, August 21, 2011

Krisflyer Gold Lounge Singapore Terminal 2 Review

As part of the recent renovations to the Singapore Airlines Silverkris lounge in terminal 2, part of the lounge was "carved out" and made into a lounge for Krisflyer Gold and Star Alliance Gold members traveling in economy class. Business class passengers get to use the Silverkris Lounge.

The lounge's deco, furniture and feel was very similar to the Krisflyer Gold in terminal 3. The lounge offers the "standard" offering of some hot food, sandwiches, snacks, cheeses and fruit. Drinks consists of the typical teas, coffees, sodas, a red and white line and some liquor. I was impressed though that they were serving TWG teas that Singapore Airlines was serving on Business Class flights.
The speed of the Wifi that was available was fast. There were also a couple of PCs and Macs for use in the lounge.

The most disappointing fact of this new lounge was that there was not only without a shower but also toilets! One has to leave the lounge to use the public toilets that is outside the lounge. Star Gold passengers used to be able to use the SATS lounge in T2 that does have a shower but is now no longer a Star Gold lounge after the opening of the Krisflyer Gold lounge in T2. Not having a shower is also a major pain in the backside for Star Gold passengers in transit. The availability to take a shower is rather important to transit passengers especially those that travel in economy class. It definitely makes those long haul at the back more tolerable for myself. I would even be in favor of a shower insteaf for no PCs and/or even less food and drink options in the lounge. What was SQ management thinking?!?


  1. Probably because Changi has excellent toilet and shower facilities everywhere. But then again it doesn't feel like a lounge without toilets and showers!

  2. Are those the old chairs from the T2 Silverkris Lounge???

  3. Great post! Find out more about the KrisFlyer Gold Lounge @ Terminal 3, Changi Airport Singapore!

    Happy Travels Everyone!