Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ippudo New York

Austin just does not have a good ramen place even with all the good food in Austin. I'm not talking about some half effort ramen place that serves some diluted miso based broth with the ramen. My idea of a high quality ramen place is those that make the noodles in front of out and have pork based broth cooking for hours or even days.

Lydia read about suggested going to Ippudo during our trip to New York to satisfy our ramen craving. Ippudo is located in the NYU area and conveniently, it was a couple of minutes walk from where we were going to watch the Blue Man group. We rushed out after the show and made it to Ippudo fifteen minutes before closing. Even at this hour, the restaurant was packed with what looked like the NYU crowd.

We started off with some pork belly sliders. The bun was soft and warm and went well with the caramelized pork.

I went with the traditional hakata ramen, which is the pork based broth ramen. It was flavorful and of high quality. It tasted like ramen you would get in Tokyo!

Lydia went with something different and ordered the squid ink dipping noodles. The sauce accompanying the noodles were bursting with flavor and had some sour notes which made it really appetizing.


 We would definitely make the trek to Ippudo if we're back in New York and have some ramen craving.

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  1. Glad you guys were able to make it there. The squid ink noodle looks amazing!