Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moscow 2011: 1st time in first class: Hong Kong to Bangkok


We saw our plane to Bangkok arriving from the lounge:

We proceeded to the gate after the boarding announcement was made in the lounge. When we got to the gate, boarding had not started and there was a line for the business/first class line.  We got pulled to the front of the line after the gate agent realized that we were in first class.

Our seats - 2E & 2F:
Pre-departure champange and hot towel:
We had pre-ordered our meals (lamb chops & lobster) through the Thai website.  There were no menus for this flight but this might have been caused by us pre-ordering our meals. The canapes and appetizers were pretty good but we were pretty disappointed with the mains.  The sauce on the lamb felt like too starchy, the vegetables were on the overcooked side and the lobster was on dry side.  Maybe we should have stuck to the menu instead of pre-ordering :(


 Cheese Plate:
Dessert - Ice Cream:
The service was good but not excellent. I had to ask for several champange top-ups. We both watched a movie and the 2.5 hours flight was over.  There went our first-class virginity.  Maybe this flight was too short, but I would not pay for first class for this short hop.


  1. Aren't you lucky! lol Great report.

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