Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moscow 2011: Bangkok to Dubai

This flight was supposed to be in first class when we booked the trip in March 2010 but Thai swapped the A346 to a 2-class B772.  The flight was delayed about an hour due to waiting for in-bound passengers from Manila.

The 772 taking us to Dubai:

An hour after take-off, dinner was food.  After the somewhat disappointed western offerings on our flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok, we decided to stick with the Asian options and it was the right choice - the food was better than the first class flight. More food and champange...

Bread and starter:

Rice and beef:

Fried rice and shrimp:

Cheese plate and fruits:
Dessert (some tart):

We tried to get as much sleep on this flight as we had a "overnight layover" that we were planning on doing some sight seeing in Dubai.  I only managed to get 2-3 hours of sleep due to the cabin feeling really stuffy and hot.  The cabin would have been more comfortable being colder a few more degrees.  The seats were also not comfortable for sleeping as it was not completely lie flat.  I was woken up when I felt I was sliding down the seat.

About an hour before landing, there was a snack service of a meat pastry but I skipped it as I was still full from all the food.

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