Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moscow 2011: Hong Kong “forced” layover

  • Introduction
  • The low-cost part of the trip: Penang to Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong “forced” layover
  • 1st time in first class: Hong Kong United and Thai First Lounge
  • 1st time in first class: Hong Kong to Bangkok
  • The F experience in Bangkok
  • Bangkok to Dubai
  • Dubai Layover
  • Dubai to Istanbul
  • Istanbul Layover
  • Istanbul to Moscow
  • Moscow
  • Moscow to Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt Layover
  • Lufthansa First Class Terminal
  • More 1st Class – Frankfurt to Cairo
  • Cairo Layover
  • Cairo to Istanbul
  • RIP THY 1st class: Istanbul to Hong Kong
  • Conclusion
As mention in the previous update, we were not planning to spend the night in Hong Kong.  We decided to just stay near the hotel instead of making the trek back and forth to the city.  Novotel was having their yearly 50% supersale and we got a room at Novotel Citygate, which is a short 10 minute shuttle ride away from the airport, for a pretty good rate for one night.

Getting in to Hong Kong at around 7.00pm, we took the free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.  During the check-in, the front desk was having a hard time find our reservation.  I pulled out my hotel confirmation print out and the front desk staff realized my reservation was for the next day.  In my mind, I was like "Oh my god, not again! Did I screw up??" (I screwed up on a trip to Great Ocean Road booking the previous day as well a couple of months back which the hotel was nice enough to let us still check-in).  I pleaded with a smile and after the front desk staff consulted with her supervisor, they let us stay without any penalties but with warning that they usually don't do this. Phheww...

Some pictures of our room:

We spent the rest of the night checking out the outlet mall and ate at the foodcourt in the mall.  Call it an early night before the part of the trip we were looking forward to.

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