Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moscow 2011: Penang to Hong Kong

  • Introduction
  • The low-cost part of the trip: Penang to Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong “forced” layover
  • 1st time in first class: Hong Kong United and Thai First Lounge
  • 1st time in first class: Hong Kong to Bangkok
  • The F experience in Bangkok
  • Bangkok to Dubai
  • Dubai Layover
  • Dubai to Istanbul
  • Istanbul Layover
  • Istanbul to Moscow
  • Moscow
  • Moscow to Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt Layover
  • Lufthansa First Class Terminal
  • More 1st Class – Frankfurt to Cairo
  • Cairo Layover
  • Cairo to Istanbul
  • RIP THY 1st class: Istanbul to Hong Kong
  • Conclusion

Being based in Penang, we needed to get to Hong Kong to start our trip to Moscow. We decided to use AirAsia as it provided the cheapest and most direct route flying from Penang to Hong Kong direct.

When we booked the flight in March 2010, this flight departed early at 6.00am from Penang.  The original plan was to fly into Hong Kong the morning of the departure of our trip to Moscow.  Sometime in October, this flight was changed to a 3.00pm departure.  In order to make our flight, we would have to change the AirAsia flight to the day before forcing an overnight in Hong Kong which I wasn't looking forward to ($$ on hotel and more time-off from work).

The flight itself wasn't too interesting - just your typical AirAsia flight.  You get on the plane, read a book, you get to where you're going.  The only pictures we took for this part of the trip were of the in-flight meals - nasi lemak & fried rice. The in-flight catering definitely will get better with other flights in this trip.

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