Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moscow 2011: The Thai F experience in Bangkok


We had a 3 hour layover in Bangkok before our flight to Dubai. There was a Thai Airways rep waiting for us right when we got off the plane.  We were escorted from the plane, through security and to the First Class lounge with a buggy. 

Buggy ride from plane to security:

When we got to the lounge, we inquired about the one hour body massage that the first class passengers were entitled for (business class passengers get a 30 minute shoulder or foot massage). The lounge agents called the spa and confirmed that the massage was available at this moment.  We decided to do the massage first just in case it might not be available later on.

Lydia and I were showed to different rooms.  We were given 5 kinds of massage oils to choose from.  After a quick shower, the one hour massage was a good way to wait between flights.

Massage bed:
We went back to the First Class Lounge after the massage.  The staff still recognized us and I was impressed that there was no need to check boarding passes.  We just walked right-in and settled for one of the "living-rooms" in the lounge.  We forgot to take pictures of the living-room :(  It consisted of a couch with a private TV and a worktable for a laptop.  The massage worked out a slight appetite and we ordered more champange (Moet Chandon) and food from the ala-carte menu.  The food was good and definitely better than the offerings in the business class lounges that we've entered before from our previous trips.  The Thai food tasted like what you would get in downtown Bangkok.


Shrimp Cakes:

Grilled Pork:

Tea and champange:
 Let's see how the Lufthansa and Turkish F experience at their home bases compare...

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