Sunday, June 2, 2013

Memorial Weekend in Philadelphia: Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel Philadelphia


It was a quick fifteen minute cab ride (via Uber) from the airport to the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel Philadelphia. The lobby was still busy at this late hour with wedding reception finishing up their festivities. There were two persons manning the lobby with one taking a long time to help two girls who were trying to check-in or had some issues with their room. The other was constantly on the phone and we were made to wait for about ten minutes before she got to us. It was not fun waiting considering we were really tired and hungry at this point.

When the staff that was on the phone finally got to us, she quickly apologized and informed us that there was a water leak so the room assigned to us was unavailable and they were already fully booked. She was trying to find us another hotel at their expense but as I already knew that most hotels were sold out, this was not going to be easy.

She continued to make phone calls to several hotels with all of them telling her that they had no rooms available. We continued to stay patient as it wasn't her fault and being DYKWIA would not have helped the situation. By some luck, they managed to changed out a toilet in one of their own rooms but needed some time to touch up the room. We gladly made the best of the situation and gave them time to clean up this room while we headed out for supper.

There were no major signs of issues or damage to the room we were assigned and we were happy that it all worked out in the end especially after she refunded the 44,000 points for the inconvenience caused. The room appeared to be a recently renovated room with new furniture and a really comfortable bed. The hotel was undergoing upgrading to a Radisson Blu so I'm assuming the room was part of that upgrading. In addition to its central location nearby Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, I would not hesitate to return to this hotel in the future.

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