Sunday, August 12, 2012

Moving to Austin: Introduction


For the last couple of years, I've been traveling from Penang to Austin 1-2 times a year for meetings or projects in the Austin office. An opportunity came up to move to Austin for a a year long assignment and I jumped on it without thinking twice. The move would probably mean less travel for work but I figured I'll make up the loss of the miles from churning credit card in the US.
My company only allows travel in economy regardless of length of flight or status within the company. Since my return date was uncertain at this point, I was booked an expensive one way Singapore Airlines ticket by the company travel agent. Booking the flights ourselves and expensing the tickets raises a bunch of questions that I didn't want to deal with. I wished I could have booked the ticket myself as for that price, I would probably have found a business class ticket from Colombo or somewhere else for just a bit more.

The "expensive" ticket did allow for a purposely done long layover in Tokyo where I would get on the 77W red-eye Singapore to Tokyo flight before connecting to evening A380 SQ12 flight to Los Angeles. The layover would allow me to head down to town for some good sushi and meet up with my brother and friends who are working in Tokyo.

I had about ~20000 Krisflyer miles which were going to expire in a couple of months. In general, it would have been better value to just outright redeem a business class ticket instead of upgrading but with no concrete plans and ideas on how to use them after the move to Austin, I decided to spurge and treated myself with an upgrade to business class.

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