Saturday, April 20, 2013

Heading Home for Chinese New Year: Hilton Bentley Miami South Beach

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After an early morning flight from Austin via Houston, we arrived in Miami and were greeted with wonderful weather. It was only 10 am when we arrived at the Hilton Bentley after a quick cab ride from the airport and there no suites or upgraded rooms available as a Diamond guest. We took the option of checking in later and headed out for a walk and some coffee while the front desk agent continued to look if there were better rooms.

We were back at the hotel about two hours later with the front desk agent waiting for us. He profusely apologized that there were sold out and there were no rooms that they could upgrade us to. Instead of the upgrade, they would comp us the beach cabanas and sent up a bottle of champagne. I did checked online later and they were indeed fully booked with no suites or better rooms available to be booked so the front desk agent was clearly being truthful.

The room we were assigned to was definitely on the small side but adequate for a one night stay.

The feature or the room we enjoyed the most was definitely the balcony that had a partial view of the ocean and Miami beach. It was fun having lunch  of stone crab claws and seafood from Joe's and the bottle of complimentary champagne.

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sun by the beach. We did swing by the pool later during the day but by then it was getting chilly and was too cold.

As a Hilton Honors Diamond member, we were also provided with complimentary mojito's at the hotel bar and continental breakfast. They also sent up another bottle of red wine later during the evening. That's a ton of free alcohol!

In summary, we enjoyed our short stay at the Hilton Bentley. The service and location was great and would not hesitate to return in the future.

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  1. Your welcome letter states you're HH Gold, how'd that happen? :P