Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Heading Home for Chinese New Year: Zurich to Bangkok


It would be a couple more minutes before boarding commenced once we got to the gate. We did think of heading to the Panaroma Lounge that Thai uses in Zurich but decided against it and just explored the nearby shops.

Thai Airbus A340-600

We knew it would be another great flight flight once we got on-board. We were showed to our seats by the pursuer and he made told us to let him know if there was anything he could do to make the flight better. The stewardess serving us next came with hot towels and some Dom. We also noticed that there were some Chinese newspapers waiting for us in our seats and we later found out that the stewardess took the initiative to save those for us just in case we wanted them figuring that we were Chinese from the flight manifest. That was a first for us and greatly appreciated even though we don't read Chinese!

After just getting off a Swiss flight, it was a good change in terms of food to get some rice and curries. I don't think we would have enjoyed another round of rich Western food. We started with some caviar and and a appetizer plate of salmon, scallops and beef. Lydia opted for a main of fried rice and seafood where as I opted for some delicious Thai red curry.

Even though the first class seats on the Airbus 340-600 was not leading edge and as private as other first class options, I found it to be comfortable enough and with a couple of extra pillows, I manage to get a couple of hours of sleep after lunch. With several hours away from Bangkok, I spent the rest of the time catching up reading and finishing up a movie.

About an hour before we arrived in Bangkok,breakfast was served. It started with a pretty fruit plate and cereal. Instead of the usual scramble eggs, Thai offers a soft boil eggs which was a first for us - yummy!

Fruit Plate and Cereal

We arrived in Bangkok as scheduled in the wee hours of the morning. A ground agent was waiting for us with a buggy once we got off the plane and zipped us through immigration. We had to wait a while longer than expected for our bags before we finally got into a taxi for the Sofitel So Bangkok.

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