Sunday, November 17, 2013

4th July Getaway: Macau to Taipei


You can get to most of the attractions in Macau using the free bus rides and heading to the airport from the Conrad wasn’t an exception. We had a wait a little in the lobby for the shuttle to show up but A short ride later we were at the airport with no lines at all at the Eva counters. It did take a while for the check-in agent to properly issue our boarding passes and tagged our bags all the way to Austin. I’m guessing she’s never tagged luggage on a four segment trip?

Eva uses the only contract lounge in Macau which was overall pretty crappy and left like it came from the 80s. The carpet was old and the furnishing was dated. There was a selection of questionable hot food which I just skipped. 

I was initially disappointed that we couldn’t get award seats on the Airbus A330 flight that was supposed to leave an hour or so earlier since we would have more time to explore the lounges in Taipei and I’d pick a widebody aircraft over a narrow body MD90 any day.. This turned out to be another blessing in surprise when that flight was delayed and our flight left even earlier. 

There were only 3 passengers in business class on this flight with Lydia and I taking the right side of the aircraft and the other passenger the left side. 

We had prebooked our dinner selection through EVA's website and the food on this flight turned out to be really bad. It was a "one tray" meal and similar to coach standards on some airlines. The fried rice was dry and tasteless and  the shrimp didn't taste or look like shrimp at all. I gave up after a couple of bites.

As with most Asian airlines, the service on this flight was again top notch in spite of the lack of English from the stewardess serving us. She did keep coming around making sure out water was topped up and brought a couple of rounds of pretty good green tea. 

There were some short clips shown on the overhead monitors on the hour or so flight to Taipei which we didn't pay attention to. Soon after, we landed in Taipei and proceeded to a remote gate and had to wait for everyone on the plane to get on a bus before proceeding to the terminal.

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