Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013 in Maldives: Rome to Bangkok


      It wasn't fun lugging all the luggage from the hotel to the Termini station and to the airport but I guess saving a couple of Euros when taking the Leonardo Express instead of taking a cab was money worth saving. Check-in was a breeze with no one in line and our boarding passes already printed ahead of time.

      Thai Check-in Area
      Thai uses the Alitalia Giotto Lounge and I was surprised that it was rather decent for a business class lounge. Internet was fast and there were plenty of seating when we were there and we managed to find a quiet corner with a pair of slumber chairs to relax in. We skipped the meager snacks and wine but we couldn't say no to the handmade espresso macchiato and latte.

      I also paid a visit to the next door "le Anforce" VIP lounge thanks to my Priority Pass card. The lounge offerings very pretty much similar to the Alitalia lounge next door but I preferred the more modern feel of the Alitalia lounge.

      Boarding was announced in the lounge and it was slightly chaotic to maneuver past people to board through the first class/premium line. It was the same agent from check-in who scanned our boarding passes and she made a point to inform us that she's confirmed that our bags were loaded on the plane. Nice touch!

      Thai 747 taking us to Bangkok
      We were the first on board and after quickly settling in, the attendants serving us today came around with the usual round of newspapers, magazines and pre-departure beverages (Dom for me of course!).

      Pajamas and amenity kits were also provided and this was the only slight disappointment of the flight. The medium sized pants were too small for Lydia (being a couple of months pregnant) and she wanted a large pair and keep the medium sized top. The attendant wasn't sure if she should do so and had to check with the pursuer and she was only allowed to keep parts of the "mismatch" pajamas instead of offering the two complete sets to her. The pursuer also never came by to said hi at all during the flight and had a hands off approach to the service which was so different than our last Thai first class flight. Luckily the two attendants who served us during the flight were great.

      Once we were airborne and at cruising altitude, service began with more Dom for me and warm nuts. One of our most memorable things to do is to eat together when we're flying and that's only possible when flying first. Nothing beats gourmet food, excellent wines and the best view in the house with the special someone.

      I had pre-ordered the lobster thermidor partially expecting to be possibly dry and overcooked but it ended up being one of the best lobsters I've eaten. Lydia stuck to the comforting rice soup and meatballs which was pretty good. We also ordered an extra plate of chicken rice which ended up being the most disappointing dish.

      Since the only thing left for this part of the trip was to get to Maldives and do nothing, I decided I was going to "maximize" the flight and not sleep. Lydia was more sane and did go to bed after the meal service. I got my bed made, got into a comfortable position and watched movies for the rest of the flight while enjoying plenty of water, Johnny Walker Blue Label and one of the best airplane cappuccinos I've had. It probably was instant and out of a packet but it was so good I probably had six or seven of them through the flight.

      Best Cappuccino
      A couple of hours before landing, I was getting peckish and ordered the wonton and pork noodle soup which hit the right spot. I skipped the pre-arrival breakfast since I figured the food in the Thai first class lounge was going to be better than the options that were offered on the plane.

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