Sunday, March 30, 2014

Double Weddings Holiday: LHR to SIN


Heathrow was sure busy but we managed to get past security and back air side a relatively quick ten minutes thanks to the premium line. The main British Airways business class lounge was super packed and we had a tough time finding a place to sit. Thankfully Lydia found out from the shower attendant about business class lounge in the satellite building. It was not only quiet and empty but there was also a complimentary 15 fifteen minute chair massage. The chair massage was equally as disappointing as our first experience in the First Class spa.

I was not impressed with the British Airways business class cabin. With a 2-4-2 configuration, it was definitely a "J-minus" experience. The seat was "too low" it felt like plopping down every time I got back to my seat. Furthermore, there was little privacy since the passenger next to you could look directly at you during take-off and landing when the privacy partitions were lowered.

I wasn't able to make any free seat assignments prior to check-in so both of us were seated in the aisle seats across next to each other instead of the preferable middle "couple seats" or the two window seats.

The in-flight service got underway with a drink service. I opted for a British choice of a Kir Royale. Dinner followed soon after and once again, I opted for the British option of a meat pie, salad and cheese which was just okay and not something I'd order again. Lydia had the Asian selection of chicken and rice which was again rather normal but thankfully satisfying.

I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep after dinner in spite of the tight seat which was fully flat. I paid a visit to the galley and was disappointed that the only snacks available were some packaged chips and cookies. In spite of the rather limited in flight movie selection, I managed to catch up on a couple of movies I've yet to watch for the remaining of the flight.

Two hours before arrival, lights were turned back on and breakfast was served. Since we had a couple of weeks of good Asian food ahead of us, I once again opted for the British option and was left not disappointed this time. The sausage, ham, eggs and potatoes were surprisingly decent.

Overall, we weren't too impressed with British Airways business class. The food was pretty mediocre and in spite of being fully flat, we didn't like the seats at all. We wouldn't be rushing back to fly them in the future.

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