Saturday, December 3, 2011

Review: Toh Yuen Restaurant, PJ Hilton

On our last mattress run to the Petaling Jaya Hilton, we decided to have dinner at the in-house Toh Yuen Chinese restaurant since we could charge the meal to the room and earn some Hilton points out of it. We had previously tried the in-house Japanese Restaurant, Genji for lunch.

Toh Yuen was having an Imperial Peking Duck Promotion during this visit. You could order a whole Peking Duck but seeing that there was only 2 of us, we decided to order to duck inspired set menu instead. There were 2 set menus to choose from with one priced at RM99++ and the other at RM108++. The more expensive menu consisted of more expensive delicacies like shark's fin and dried scallops. We ordered both the set menus allowing us to try and share a variety of dishes.

*Sorry for the quality of some of the pictures. The lighting wasn't good and I was slightly tipsy thanks to the complimentary cocktail hour on the Executive Lounge before dinner.

The RM99 menu started of with cheong fun (rice noodle) inspired duck wrap. This noodles were just the way we like - not too thick with the right amount of bite. The filling itself wasn't all that memorable.

The RM108 menu started of with duck dumplings in duck broth. This was one of the highlights of the entire meal. Both the dumplings and duck broth was very flavorful and we just wanted more.

This was followed by a duck herbal soup & shark's fin soup for the RM99 and RM108 menus respectively.

Next up was the traditional Peking duck wraps with the generous portion of 3 rolls each. Since we didn't get a whole duck, this came with just normal cuts of duck instead of the traditional crispy duck skin. This dish was okay and not entirely outstanding.

Two fish dishes were next on the menu - a pan fried cod with a mango salad (RM99) and steam cod fish (RM108). I found the pan fried cod dish under seasoned and needing more salt. The steam cod fish however was perfectly cooked with tender, moist and flaky finish - YUM.

Almost identical broccoli dishes were sent out next. The RM99 selection was accompanied with a large shrimp and sea cucumber while the RM108 was accompanied with dried scallops and fish roe. Both dishes were perfectly cooked and flavorful but nothing truly unique about this dishes.

By now we were pretty stuffed but just in case we weren't the last dish was a large bowl of duck claypot rice. The RM108 had dried scallops in them which made the rice much more flavorful and tasty. We didn't really like this dish as we preferred claypot rice dishes that had the crispy rice crust on them.

The desserts were simple yet really good. The mango pudding was creamy with strong mango flavors and was a perfect ending for those with a sweet tooth like Lydia. I on the other hand loved the coffee pudding with the strong coffee/espresso taste and it felt like finishing a good meal with a good cup of coffee.

Service was pretty good that night even with a couple of large tables in the restaurant. Tea was constantly refilled and plates changed in between meals. We were duly informed when ordering that it would take a couple of hours to finish the courses which was a nice gesture. At the end, it took us about a nicely paced 3 hours of finish dinner. The food wasn't that outstanding except for the duck dumplings but we wouldn't mind to make a second return in the future.

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