Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a great 2011!

This year has certainly been a year to remember. I don’t think I’ve traveled so much before in a year and more importantly, gotten the chance to try out some of the best premium airlines and hotels in the world. It was only recently that I would envy those who sat up front and would have never imagined that it would be possible for us to do so.

Trips done in 2011
We visited a bunch of places throughout the year with some pretty unexpected and unique. We started off the year with Moscow. Maldives continues to be Maldives, i.e. a dream destination and we were very happy we made the last minute decision to visit Oslo. Our most memorable trip however was the “epic trip” to Almaty. We looked back and sure there were some minor stuff that we would have done differently but overall, it was perfect.

 Some of our favorite pictures from the year:

On Emirates F
On Asiana F
Celebrating Calvin's birthday in Almaty


A big shout-out and thank you to those who made all this possible on flyertalk and milepoint! Thanks also to you guys who keep coming back to our humble blog and leaving comments/emails.

Here’s hoping to a wonderful 2012 and to more mistake fares/deals! We're starting off the new year with a trip to Beijing and Harbin (Trip Report to follow as usual). On a personal note, I’m hoping that my possible move to the US mid of next year goes through.  It’ll certainly open up a bunch of opportunities from a travel perspective.

Happy new year!! 


  1. It's been fun reading your blog and following your adventures with Lydia!
    Looking forward to more trip reports in 2012!

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