Monday, July 2, 2012

Emirates First Class Overload: DXB to KUL


Emirates operates three daily flights to Melbourne from Dubai with one non-stop flight, one via Singapore an one via Kuala Lumpur. Although I would normally have gone with the non-stop, I opted for the option via Kuala Lumpur as it would get me into Melbourne just in time for the wedding I needed to attend.

I spent my ~4 hour layover in Dubai with first, a nap on one of the sofas before a shower followed by the complimentary fifteen minute back massage and a light late night supper/snack in the sit down restaurant in the first class lounge.

First Class Lounge Restaurant
Bread Basket

Started off with some foie gras

Selection from the buffet
It was way past bed time when I got to the plane. After another couple of pre-departure Doms, all I wanted after take off was to hit the sack. My seat was promptly made into a bed right after changing into the pajamas. It did take a while to go to sleep as I struggled to find a comfortable position while some of the passengers in first class decided to get a bite.

I woke up about 2 hours before landing. Now this is what flying in first class is about - some fresh fruit, a good cup of coffee and some Dom to start the day with. To top it off, I started watching the now cancelled Pan-Am television show on the IFE which was about a group of Pan-Am stewardess and pilots back in its heyday. I found it pretty good and it reminded myself on how lucky I am to be able to fly around the world especially in first class.

Arriving to Kuala Lumpur


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