Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emirates First Class Overload: KUL to MEL


I was the first off the plane feeling pretty refreshed after a couple of hours of good sleep on the flight. The only thing I needed now was a shower which I promptly got to once I got to the lounge. I tried to keep to myself and not give eye contact with the lounge staff after I got some weird stares and looks figuring they just saw me in the lounge yesterday. Was too lazy to answer a bunch of questions if asked.

I felt slightly peckish and decided to nibble on some of the lounge food while catching up on email and giving the wife a call. Overall, the food didn't taste as good as it looked.

As usual, I was the last to board with the pursuer warmly welcoming me on-board and and showing me to my seat. We made some small talk and she was curious on my flight routing via Dubai to Melbourne which I made up some BS on needing to fly to Dubai for some business meetings. Lol.

Front camera already turned on

There was only another passenger in first on this flight with her seating on the opposite side. With the partitions up from the middle row, the flight was really private as we had both a side of the first class to ourselves.

I delayed the main meal until a a couple of hours before arrival into Melbourne. In the meantime, I continue to load up on the Dom while snacking on some soup, nuts, cheeses and chips from the snack basket. I don't know why but this bottle of Dom 2003 was the best tasting bottle throughout the whole trip. Maybe it was just chilled enough?

It was about two and a half hours before I finished watching all the Pan-Am episodes on this flight and another movie, which I can't remember what by now. Time for more food! I started off with some satays which were pretty good and definitely much better than those served in the lounge. I followed that which the usual caviar and cold seafood starter. As usual, I opted for the asian options which was a beef curry with extra helpings of the vegetables. I skipped the dessert but did try the cheeses while trying a bit of the red and white wine.

We arrived into Melbourne late in the night. We were the only international flight arriving around the time so they were virtually no lines at both immigration at customs. The complimentary transfer provided by Emirates was promptly waiting and a quick 30 minutes later, I was settled into the hotel/apartment my friend had booked for me.

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  1. Awesome flight. Thanks for sharing this nice post her with us. The pictures tells that the flight was full of comfort.