Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another great year! Bring on 2013...

It's 2013 and the world didn't go kaput after 21 Dec 2012. It's been a great year for me personally with all the travel and adventures including the move to Austin. I flew 158,571 miles this year which was about 25k miles than the year before. I managed to not only maintain my *A gold on Asiana but also achieve Premier Gold, which has lead to some domestic upgrades and much appreciated Economy Plus seats on United thanks to a status match and some mileage running.

We're ending the year with our best adventure of the year at Conrad Maldives. A proper trip report will follow but I think this picture just sums it up.

The trip to the Maldives also led to the most memorable moment of the year when we were least expecting to be snorkeling with a whale shark of the Conrad house reef. A truly humbling experience.

Some other "best of the year" awards of our 2012 adventures:

Best First Class - Emirates A380 F. How can you beat a shower in the sky!?!

Best Bed in the sky - Lufthansa 747-400 that boast both a seat and a real bed.

Best Business Class - Singapore Airlines on their 77W/A380. There's nothing much to say for their wonderful crew and the 1-2-1 seating especially in the "mini-cabin" makes it feel like a first class experience.

Best meal - ??? Couldn't make a decision here. We've had some pretty good meals this year but nothing really stood out. Maybe I'm missing the hokkien mee and nasi kandar in Penang?

We're off the a great start in 2013. We're heading back to Austin from the Maldives on Emirates and British first class. Our trip back home to Malaysia for Chinese New Year has been booked featuring Swiss, Thai and Singapore Airlines first class.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog. 



  1. Wow you had a great year ;)! Not sure you remember me but I'm Ben from Dublin and I emailed you before to ask for advice on award redemption. It's a pity that we didn't get to meet up the last time you were in Dublin but do get in touch if you ever cross the pond again ;).

  2. @ben: thanks for the comments. Wish I had contacted you when we were in Dublin. Would get in touch if I'm ever in Dublin again.

  3. Wow you had enjoyed a lot. Beautiful pics...!! I love traveling and for this year I had planned so many things.