Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spending Christmas and New Year in Paradise: Frankfurt to Osaka


We had originally planned on skipping the First Class Terminal since we've been there twice before and just picking either the First Class Lounge in the B or A pier. Since our flight from Orlando parked at one of the C-gates which is one of the furthest gates away, we decided we might as well make the walk out through immigration, get some fresh air and to the First Class Terminal. The immigration officer did ask why we were going to Frankfurt and didn't blink at all when we told them that we were just going to First Class Terminal.

It was a good fiften minute walk after we left the plane that we finally got the First Class Terminal. This is definitely #firstworldproblems, but we would have appreciated a buggy for the transfer similar to what Thai offers their first class passengers in Bangkok.

It took only mere seconds to get through security and into the sanctuary of the First Class terminal. Our personal assistant did inquire if we needed a tour which we declined saying we've visited before before leaving us to enjoy the lounge (previous visits here and here). There was a line for a shower room with a bathtub but we manage to get one after waiting for just fifteen minutes. It was definitely great getting of a flight and soaking in a warm bubble bath enjoying a cold glass of Rose champagne. The only slight disappointment was that they ran out of the white special edition FCT Christmas ducks!

After the soak, we only had about an hour or so before our flight. We weren't particularly hungry at this point (Hey - it was 4 am back in Texas and my body sure felt that way) but still decided to grab some light bites from the buffet and ordered of the Christmas menu. The beef carpaccio was so so but the duck was crispy and tasty and paired well with the red cabbage.

Christmas Menu

Some food from the buffet
Crispy Duck

Beef Carpaccio
The lounge was also filled with Christmas cookies and pastries. We were also surprised to see plenty peanuts and mandarin oranges in the lounge since we thought this was a Chinese thing to be served during Chinese New Year. We later learned from our personal assistant that mandarin oranges were also used to symbolized the New Year by Germans. You learn something new when you travel!

Christmas Goodies

We were still finishing up our "snack" when our personal attendant came by and told us that our flight was going to be slightly delayed but she did not know for how long. With no immediate connection in Osaka and spending time in one of the best lounge, we were not too concerned. The delay allowed me to enjoy a couple of after snack whiskeys from the bar.

Our personal assistant did eventually fetch us after a slight delay of ten minutes and escorted us to the ground floor where our passports were returned and we were off in a Mercedes for our relatively short car ride today to the plane. Boarding was almost completed by the time we got to the gate and our driver cut us through the crowd before handing us over to the flight crew. Again - the wonders of first class travel!
747 taking us to Osaka
There were only 4 of us in first class today with 2 Japanese passengers taking the first 2 seats and Lydia and I taking with 3rd row. This made the flight extremely private and almost private jetish with us having the entire back half of the upper deck to ourselves.

We just stuck to water on the ground instead of champagne since we were still pretty liquored up after the visit to the lounge. As usual, the pursuer came by and introduced herself before the flight attendant taking care of us came by with menus. You know it's going to be a good flight when the crew take time to write personalize messages on the menu!

Once airborne, we changed back to pajamas and decided to push the first meal out a couple of hours and taking a nap first on a REAL bed. The flight attendants had no trouble with this and even dimmed the lights off in our half of the cabin to help us sleep.

I napped for a a couple of hours before waking up and half way through a movie felt hungry and decided it was time for more food! We both opted for the Japanese course that Lufthansa offers on their Japan routes with Lydia picking the fish and the beef for me. We both liked how the meal was not too heavy and being a fan of Asian food, the Japanese course was an excellent switch from Lufthansa's usual offerings. Just wished they offered it on all their flights.

Chocolate Dessert

After lunch chocolates
After the meal, I just went back to the bed and lounged around while watching a movie. I loved the fact that the bed really felt like a bed and reminded me of when I'm home and just watching a movie in bed. I must have dozed on and off a couple of times before finally waking up for good an hour or so before landing.

Time for breakfast! We both again went for the Japanese breakfast selection and started of with some Japanese pickles and rolls before another fish dish and rice porridge. Sure beats having eggs and bacon!

We enjoyed some pretty views of the Japanese coastline on the descent to Osaka. We arrived on time even though we were slightly delayed and we felt refreshed and telling ourselves that we gotta only flight on the bed-seat combo first class when we fly Lufthansa first class in the future.

On arrival in Osaka

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