Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spending Christmas and New Year in Paradise: Bangkok to Male via Singapore


We arrived at the airport about 3 hours before our noon flight to Singapore and proceeded directly to the Royal Silk/Business Class check in area. I've flow through and from Bangkok numerous times before but this would be our first time flying out of Bangkok on Thai's business class. Thai has a pretty neat setup for their business class check in counters with beach umbrellas and stools giving the check-in area a "beach look".

Our agent quickly checked us in and tagged our bags all the way to Male. I tried to get the first class seats on the Airbus 346 operating flight today but was told that section was closed. (I did notice  some VIP looking folks in that section when we deplaned in Singapore). Before heading airside, we got ourselves an hour long foot reflexology. There are the same shop airside but 30% more expensive!

Thai Royal Silk Check-In Counters

By the time we got done with the foot reflexology and cleared immigration and security, it was only thirty minutes before departure. Since we were on a gate on the opposite side of the Thai Spa lounge, we decided to just skip the complimentary 30 minute massages provided to Thai business class passengers and head to a nearby Royal Orchid lounge for some drinks instead.

The Airbus 346 taking us to Singapore
We were seated in the second business class section and for a moment we thought we would be the only ones in that section.

We once again went with the Asian options for lunch on this flight. I opted for a Thai red curry while Lydia decided on a fried rice and fish dish.

We had a five hour layover in Singapore. We could have gone into town but decided to stay at the airport since we didn't want to deal with the heat and humidity. Instead we headed to one of my favorite secrets at Changi Airport - the worker's food court/canteen for some Singaporean food at much lower prices than the other shops at the airport.  Each of the three terminals has this food court and is actually meant for the workers at Changi airport but will serve the public. We chose the one at Terminal 2 this time since they were the only ones with fried hokkien mee. In addition, I ordered a yummy creamy Singaporean Laksa.

I had been up since four in the morning (Argh - jetlag!) and need to put my head down somewhere by this point. After all that food, we proceed back airside and to the Silverkris Lounge at Terminal 3 which we prefer over the one at Terminal 2. The lounge was WAY empty since I guess most business passengers aren't traveling around Christmas. We headed to the back of the lounge where we found some sofas where I made a bed and tried napping for a couple of hours.

By the time I got done with my pre-flight shower, it was time to head back to Terminal 2 and to our departure gate. Once we cleared the security at the departure gate, boarding was announced and we were the first ones on the plane. The plane was decorated in Christmas decorations and there was Christmas music playing.

After departure, we started of SQ's famous Singapore Sling and Krisflyer Sling before one of the best satays I have ever eaten. For dinner, we had used SQ's Book-the-cook service that allow business and first class passengers to select their meals if departing from certain stations. I am one of the biggest fans of nasi lemak - coconut cream rice served with spicy sauce - that I have it at least once a week when I was in Penang. The SQ version was one of the best I've ever had. The rice was creamy yet light and fluffy and paired well with the fried chicken and spicy sauce.


Niccoise Salad

Rice and herbal chicken

Nasi Lemak

On arrival in Male, there was a Conrad Rep waiting for us. He proceeded to help us with our bags all the way to the Kam Hotel we would be spending the night in. Before leaving us at the hotel, he informed us that our seaplane transfer would be leaving around 8.30 am the next day and another colleague of his would show up at the Kam Hotel to help us to the seaplane terminal. There was no charge from Conrad for this "transfer service" and we didn't really need this escort since it was a third time in Maldives but I could see it being useful for first timers and we were definitely grateful for the helps with the bags that we left the reps a nice tip.

Room at Kam Hotel

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  1. Hi Lydia and Calvin - I'm a big fan of your blog. Your travels are epic! I'm at Changi with some frequency and would love more information on how to find this food court. Is is before immigration? Is there signage? Thank you and keep up the great blogging. Best - Christian - Costa Mesa, CA