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Moscow 2011: Frankfurt/Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Moscow 2011: Frankfurt/Lufthansa First Class Terminal

The flight got into Frankfurt about 45 minutes late cutting our layover in Frankfurt to less than 5 hours.  We were initially planning on taking the train down to downtown Frankfurt to do some quick sightseeing but with the gloomy wet weather and the even short layover, we just decided to kill the time in the First Class Terminal which turned out to be a good idea. 

On arrival in Frankfurt, announcement was made that we would have to be bused to the terminal.  What made it more annoying that for some reason that even the flight attendants didn’t know about, only the back door was being used.  This meant we had to wait for the entire plane to leave before we could.  I caught a glimpse of a Mercedes approaching the plane when the landed and I thought to myself if that car was for us.  Sure enough, when we got off the plane, the driver had a clipboard with both our names on it.  He took our carry-ons and explained that this was a service provided for First Class passengers.  People in the bus were looking at us and probably thinking who this 2 young Asian kids were… if only they knew :P The driver took us to the main terminal where we proceeded to clear immigration and head over to the First Class Terminal....

 This is personal favorite of the trip itself! As per good directions from the Lufthansa forum on flyertalk, we arrived at the "back-entrance" of the First Class Terminal building and pressed the call button.  Another first class passenger arrived the same time at us.  A couple of minutes after pressing the call button, a lounge attendant let us know and we went through another security screen.  The screen took longer than expected due to the other passenger. 

The First Class Terminal on a cold and wet morning:
After security, the lounge attendant took us on a tour of the lounge/terminal itself since this was our first time.  I was impressed! The terminal contained a sit-down restaurant, showers/bath, a really nice bar and even a duty-free shop.  The only part of the lounge I did not like was the view of office buildings and not of the runway and planes. 

We had about 5 hours in the lounge.  The time was spent drinking and eating sinful amount of champange and food :) They were serving breakfast in the restaurant when we arrived and we tried some of the lunch selection just before we left.  



Some more random pictures of the First Class terminal:

The bar with a VERY good selection:

Lounge Chairs:
Sleeping Room:
Work Station:

The Cigar Lounge (The cigars are not free :( ):
 I also took a long and relaxing bath/shower.  The only regret was forgetting to bring a glass of champange with me to the bath.
 45 minutes before our departure, the lounge attendant came to collect us.  We took and elevator down and collected our passports which were already stamped and ready to go. No more going through further immigration and security checks!  The attendant handed us over to our driver and thanked us for visiting the First Class Terminal.  We rode in a Porsche right to our plane.  It was really cool seeing all the planes from the car itself.  Boarding itself was almost completed when we arrived.  We settled into our seats and were served more champange.. Wish I could travel like this all the time :) 

Porsche that took us to the plane:
Some view of the tarmac from the car:

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  1. Thanks for the trip report and great details. You gave us a guide when we travel in First from Detroit to Frankfurt.