Thursday, March 31, 2011

Moscow 2011: Cairo to Istanbul

Moscow 2011: Cairo to Istanbul


I wasn't expecting too much on this Cairo to Istanbul flight after reading some trip reports and reviews about Egypt Air. Our experience turned out to be inline with the rest of the majority where it was an OK experience but I wouldn't go out of my way to use Egypt Air again.  Check-in went by pretty quick and our bags were tagged all the way to Hong Kong.

We then proceeded to one of the business lounges airside.  The lounge was pretty basic and small.  They had some sandwiches, fruit and drinks available.  I just used the rest of the time to catch up with email.  I would not want to spend more than an hour in the lounge itself.

Lydia in the lounge:

30 minutes before the departure time, we headed to the departure gate.  On arrival, our flight looked to be boarding several minutes late and we just spent the rest of the time in the departure gate. Boarding was chaotic with no separate lines for business class passengers.

The flight experience was adequate for the short ~2 hour hop to Istanbul.  The seats were "US domestic F seats" with a ~50% load in business class. The food served was really tasty for air plane food.  For those who don't already know, Egypt Air is a dry airline so no champange was available on this flight. There was no IFE on this flight and I just spent the time on the flight reading.

B737-800 from our departure gate (couldn't get a good picture of our actual plane):

A Quran in the plane:

Food on this flight:

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