Monday, March 21, 2011

Moscow 2011: Frankfurt to Cairo

Moscow 2011: More 1st Class – Frankfurt to Cairo


The flight to Cairo was on a 747.  Lufthansa has their first class in the upper deck with a 2-2 seating.  There have been many complains on the seating due to the lack of privacy and space but we have no complains since we were traveling together and it was a relatively short flight.

Pre-departure drinks and nuts:

Some pictures of the cabin:

We were served by a German lady and a Mexican guy on this flight and they were the friendliest attendants we met on this trip. They made small talk asking where we from and where we were going.  They promptly took our pre-departure drink orders (more champagne!), served us some warm nuts and took our meal orders. 

Even though this was just a 3 and a half hour flight, there was a full first class meal service.  


Large serving of caviar:





Half way through the meal service, I was already nodding off.  This was probably due to the ~10 glasses of champagne and 4-5 glasses of whiskey I already had (including those in the First Class terminal).  I didn’t spend too much time on the IFE but it was definitely ancient.  I nodded off until about 15 minutes before landing.   On arrival, both the flight attendants thanked us for the service and we were the first to get off the plane. 

Overall, the First Class experience on Lufthansa both on the ground and in the air was awesome. I am looking forward to trying them again especially on their new First Class cabin.

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