Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moscow 2011: Moscow Day 3

Moscow 2011: Moscow Day 3 - Aimlessly walking..


“Aimless walking” pretty much summed up our third day in Moscow.  We could not figure out how to buy train tickets when we got to the train station. 
We then decided to visit the Novodevichy Monastery and Cemetery.  After getting somewhat lost and walking for about 45 minutes, we got to the monastery but it was closed for the day.  We next attempted to buy tickets to the Nikulin Circus but when we got there, people were trying to tell us in Russian that tickets were all sold out for today and tomorrow.  By now, it was past lunch time so we decided to just walk around the main streets of Pushkin Square & Tverskaya Street, checking out the buildings and architecture. 

Residence of Mayor of Moscow:
 Blini fast food chain:
 Bolshoi Theater:
 Mr Pushkin:

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