Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dublin for Thanksgiving 2012: IAH - LAX on 787 and back home to Austin


Yes, we could have just flown on an earlier 30 minute flight back to Austin and be home hours earlier but what’s the fun in that when we could try out the United 787 in business class for the same price. I’m also not complaining for the extra miles!

Boarding was almost completed by the time we got to the gate but I did manage to get a picture of this beauty.

I got giddy once I got onboard and started taking pictures and playing with the seat controls and IFE. 

Since we were in the forward cabin, I noticed the cockpit door was still open and asked a flight attendant if I could go take a picture. Not only did the captain allow me to take a picture, he even told me to take a seat while he took a picture of me! 

Once we got airborne, dinner was served and the food was much better than the IAD-BRU flight. 

After dinner, we just relaxed and reclined our seats and dozed off while trying to watch a movie. The seat/bed was really comfortable and I really wouldn’t mind getting “stuck” in this seat for 8-10 hours. I’m looking forward to flying the 787 on an international route once that gets started.

We arrived in LAX a couple of minutes earlier than scheduled and spent the rest of the time in the United Club checking email and catching up with work. Our flight back to Austin kept getting delayed due to late incoming aircraft and with no other alternatives, we just had to wait it out. It would be close to 2 am before our CRJ-700 finally made it to Austin. We were tired at this point and I for one was not looking forward to work the following day..

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