Friday, December 21, 2012

Dublin for Thanksgiving 2012: IAD – BRU – DUB


One of the best thing about flying through IAD is the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. We took a much needed shower before catching up with emails while enjoying some beer, coffee and the tarmac views.

Austrian flight arriving
We moved to the United RCC dump that was closer to our departure gate an hour before departure. It was crowded with nothing interesting to eat or drink. With nothing better to do, we proceeded to the boarding gate with the gate agent got on the PA informing us that there were running into mechanical issues and that it would take at least 30 minutes. She tried comforting us with information that saying that worst case, there was a substitute plane available.

With the delay, we were most probably going to miss out BRU-FRA-DUB connection. We headed back to the United lounge trying again to change to the 747-8 LH flight but was informed that the flight had already closed. We pleaded saying we were going to miss our connection and just had hand luggage and would run over but there was nothing the agent could do. The agent protected us on a direct Aer Lingus BRU-DUB flight.

45 minutes after the scheduled departure, we were informed that boarding. Hooray! We might still be able to make the connection.

We got settled into our seats. Whoever decided on a 2-4-2 configuration in business should be shot. The business class cabin felt cramped and thankfully we had the 2 window seats. I would not want to be in the middle seat. It was pretty interesting first time for us seating in the backward facing seats. Pre-departure, we were served some champagne in some “classy” plastic glasses. 

More bad news followed when the captain came on board informing now that we now had some issues with the radio and they were trying to fix it as soon as possible. Some passengers got pretty feisty and started ranting to the pursuer. After another 30 minutes the doors were closed and we thought we were finally on our way or so we thought. A couple of minutes later the doors were re-opened and were left wondering on what next now. A business class passenger got his stuff and at this point, wanted to be offloaded. A flight attendant did convince the passenger to stay at a couple minutes of later, the doors were closed and we were finally on our way.

The flight attendant came around taking dinner order after take off with dinner served an hour or so after take off. 

I had the fish cioppino which was just not that tasty. Lydia had the grilled pork chops which she liked but I found it just so so. The highlight of dinner was the sundae for dessert.

Even though the seats were relatively cramped, I did like that the bed was lie flat. We slept for a good 4-5 hours until breakfast was served. Breakfast was a disappointment with only a cold continental option.

Pretty good business class amenity kit

With no lounge to use at Brussels, we just killed time at Starbucks.  The short 1.5 hour flight to Dublin was uneventful. There was no business class but thankfully we had a 3 seats between the 2 of us. 

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  1. Doesn't Brussels Airlines have a lounge from their home base in BRU? It's *A, after all!