Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dublin for Thanksgiving 2012: Hilton Dublin Airport


We decided to stay the second night at the Hilton Dublin Airport since it was one third cheaper than the Conrad and we had an early 5.30 am flight. After collecting our bags from the Conrad after a day out, we took the bus hoping to save a couple of Euros. We were 15 minutes during the journey when a pre-planned driver change took place. The new driver refused to drive saying there was something wrong with the brakes. We sat there for a couple of minutes before I figured saving those few Euros was just not worth it. We hailed a cab and eventually got to the hotel at the some cost if we had taken a cab from the start.

The hotel itself wasn’t too exciting. We were again upgraded to a Deluxe room but could definitely tell the difference between a Conrad and a Hilton. The bathtub was tiny, the bed wasn’t as comfy but you get what you get for.

There was nothing really around the hotel except for a Tesco couple of minutes walk away. I wouldn’t recommend staying here if you’re going to explore Dublin. 

We took the first complimentary shuttle leaving at 4am for our 5.30am flight. We were at the airport in 10 minute drive.

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