Monday, December 24, 2012

Dublin for Thanksgiving 2012: DUB - FRA - IAH


There was a family occupying the sole First Class/Business Class/Star Gold counter at Dublin. It didn’t look like there were going to be done soon so we just proceeded to the empty online check-in counters. We had already checked-in online and with no luggage to check-in we had our boarding passes pretty quickly with instructions on how to get the lounge. The fast track security lanes opened right as we got through security which was much appreciated since the normal lines were 7-8 people deep.

We headed to the lounge hoping to get some breakfast. I had at this point been awake since 1am getting disappointed watching USC lose to Notre Dame and was relatively hungry. Oh what a disappointing season for the Trojans but I digress. We were welcomed at the contract Lufthansa lounge by signs that they were only going to be open at 6am. Ouch – would have expected check-in agent to at least informed of us that the lounge was still closed instead of trying to be helpful and providing us directions.

The short 1.5 hour flight to Frankfurt was uneventful. The Euro style business class seats were okay for the relatively short flight but would not want to be stuck on them anything longer than a couple of hours. I was hoping for some hot food and too my disappointment, there was only a cold selection for breakfast. Pretty disappointing day so far..

Our plane was parked at A Pier in Frankfurt but was not allowed to disembark directly to gate – must have been some immigration/security arrangement I didn’t understand. We were bused to the B pier before making the LONG trek back to new Z gates. We had only about an hour layover and if we didn’t have Gold status for the shorter lines and walking briskly, we might have not made the connection. Now I understand why so many people complain about transiting through Frankfurt. If only we were flying First Class with a car waiting on arrival taking us straight to the lounge.

We walked by Senator Lounge on the way to the gate but didn’t have time to check it out. There was a long line of people trying to get in and we were five minutes from boarding. By the time we got to the gate, there was already a business class long line. 

This would be our first time on Lufthansa’s A380. Having flown on Singapore Airlines and Emirates A380, I would concur with most feedback that Lufthansa business class seats on the A380 is just plain horrible. Even United’s business class seats that we had couple of days ago were much more comfortable. The seats were not lie flat which usually doesn’t bother me since I actually prefer to sleep at an angle but I just couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep or lie in. The TV screens were also tiny. The only positive would be airy, spacious cabin with plenty of storage space. 

The service started off on the ground with the usual pre-departure champagne and hot towels. After take-off, the flight attendants came around with another round of drinks and nuts before lunch being served about 1.5 hours after take-off. 


The food on Lufthansa was definitely much better than our United flight a couple of days ago. I appreciated that Lufthansa served some pretty unique fare like reindeer and duck and it actually taste good with good wine to accompany them.

After lunch, we just tried to sleep in those uncomfortable seats while watching some movies on the tiny screens.

About 1.5 hour before arrival in Houston, a snack was served. I was expecting breakfast type food like eggs similar to what Asian airlines have but I guess it does make sense with an afternoon arrival to serve a hearty soup and a tasty salad.

We were one of the first few off the plane and were well ahead of the rest of the plane and other international arrivals. With only 5 people ahead of us, it took us only fifteen minutes to clear immigration before heading to United Club in Terminal E for a much needed shower and with both of us agreeing that the next time we fly on Lufthansa’s A380, it would have to be on first class.

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