Friday, December 21, 2012

Dublin for Thanksgiving 2012: AUS-SFO-IAD


The trip didn’t start out on in a good way. I started to feel to sick with a sore throat after lunch at work. Looks like we missed the Thanksgiving crowd with airport was empty when we got there at 6pm. The check-in machines were being cranky and we needed an agent to help us get our boarding passes. The computer started spitting out some weird visa requirements at check-in for Dublin – Visa required except for Malaysian passport holders. Hmm.. how about the rest of the world?

The flight itself was uneventful. I had a beer predeparture thinking it would help with the sore throat. With nothing to do , I slept most of the flight waking in the middle of the flight for some snacks.

We arrived on time in SFO and I was starting to feel peckish. We shared a pretty good chicken soup at one of the food courts that again I was hoping to help with the sore throat. 

By the time we got on the plane for our red-eye to IAD, we were pretty tired. I'm pretty good at sleeping up right and slept most of the flight where as Lydia pretty much stayed awake and watched the complimentary directTV in domestic first class.

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