Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Heading Home for Chinese New Year: Singapore to Hong Kong


Boarding was already underway when we got to the departure gate and with no lines in the First Class/Suite line, we strolled right into the plane. We headed to the upper deck Business Class section first and dropped off Lydia's bag before proceeding down the stairs to the elusive Suites. A flight stewardess was there to welcome us and even offered to take a picture of both of us.

Empty adjacent seat
I had pre-selected one of the middle seats hoping that the next seat would be empty so I would have a double suite just to myself. I lucked out as the seat remained empty for the rest of the flight.

Menus were distributed after take-off with the stewardess serving me confirming that my Book-the-Cook Japanese meal was on board. I was disappointed that there was no satay and caviar on offer - what the heck?!?1

The meal started off with some Krug and warm nuts. Krug's much better than Dom Perignon 2003 and I wish more more airlines would offer Krug.

The Japanese meal itself wasn't that good. There was no menu or explanation by the crew on what was being served so I was left to guess what I was eating. I guess it's a better idea to opt for the Japanese meals only on the Tokyo bound flights.

The Japanese dessert was a cake that wasn't anything special. I only had a couple of bites before the flight stewardess offered the raspberry macaroon and ice-cream dessert which was way better.

With only an hour or so till arrival in Hong Kong after I finished dinner, I decided to forgo making the suite into a bed and just recline the chair into a comfortable position and finished the movie I was watching.

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