Monday, October 31, 2011

Aurora Hunting: Exploring Tromso


The light rain did not stop us from exploring Tromso. Tromso's a pretty small and cozy town with almost everything reachable on foot if you stay in the town center. There's really nothing much to do except exploring the number of churches and buildings while taking in the beautiful (albeit wet and cloudy for us) scenery. In the summer months, the hiking in the nearby mountains and hills should be pretty good also.

Catholic Church

The highlight of the Tromso visit was the visit to Ølhallen, the beer hall across the Mack beer brewery that obviously serves a range of Mack beer. The beer was surprisingly really good. The Mack brewery is the world's northern most brewery and does offer tours during the summer months.

After a couple of beers
On a separate note, Tromso seems to have a pretty exciting night life. When we got back from our Northern Lights tour around 1am, people were out and about with the bars were packed with long lines trying to get in. We did find out later that there's a university in Tromso hence the relatively young crowd and exciting night life. Kind of reminds me of Austin, Texas.

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