Friday, November 4, 2011

Aurora Hunting: Tromso to Oslo on SAS


Our flight to Oslo was scheduled to depart at 8.30am. We had pre-booked a taxi for a pick up at 6am with to help of hotel front desk since we weren't sure if catching a taxi that early in the morning would be easy. The airport was still deserted when we got there with no one manning the check-in counters yet. In hindsight, we should just have slept in slightly longer.


Airside was not surprisingly really quiet at this time with the shops still closed. We spent the remaining time surfing the web on the free Wifi available at the airport.

The 2 hour flight was uneventful. The only difference with the earlier flight that we took coming into Tromso was that SAS serves continental breakfast for flights leaving before 9 am. The breakfast consists of some cheese, cold cuts, fruit, yogurt and warm bread. The flight attendants even went around asking if anyone wanted second servings of bread which I thought was nice.

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