Tuesday, November 22, 2011

US Airways 100% Dividend Miles Purchase Bonus is back

Lucky just shared news that US Airways will be bringing back the 100% purchase bonus for Dividend Miles in December. With US Airways recently increasing the costs of purchasing the miles, it is now less attractive than previous promos.

In general, I concur with Lucky that it's probably not worth it to hoard the miles and I personally would only buy it to top-off an account or if you have trips planned in the new future. There are still some pretty good values to be had by using Dividend Miles instead of buying a "normal" ticket in coach:
  • ~$1.7K USD for a Business Class redemption from North Asia to the US with a possible routing and stopover in Europe.
  • ~$720 USD for a Business Class redemption within South Asia. Maldives anyone?
I would be more interested to start buying and hoarding if US Airways starts allowing one-way redemptions..

Update: There's a max of 40K miles purchase with this promo meaning you can only get a total of 80K miles with this promo.

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