Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aurora Hunting: Conclusion


This trip was definitely a memorable one and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though there were no premium cabin experiences.

Norway and Oslo in particular is now one of favorite cities we've visited even though it's one of the most expensive. Oslo is clean, beautiful and with lots to do. We would recommend getting the Oslo Pass for those visiting for a couple of days. Sure helps save some of the $$. We were and are still disappointed that we did not get to see the Aurora but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe it's an excuse to come back to Norway or visit Finland or Alaska in the future.

Qatar Airways was a good surprise after the initial fear of flying this in economy. It does have a good economy class product with good food and service and great seat pitch. We would definitely not mind flying them in the future especially with fares like the ones we purchased.  Here's too hoping for a mistake business class fare though. 

We just didn't like Doha all that much.  Doha was hot and not too exciting with what seem like very little to do if compared to Dubai.  We would try out best not to transit through Doha in the future if the layover was too long. It just does not make no sense to pay for the visa to exit the airport but the same time, there are very little facilities at the Doha airport to make the layover comfortable.

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  1. already bought the oslo pass online and hoping for a wonderful experience. now having good expectations on economy class due to your comments. will see if there is a chance to upgrade to business class too! also wondering how -15 degrees feels like during winter