Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almaty Adventure: BKK - HKG on Thai First Class


On arrival in Bangkok, we were the first passengers of the plane where a ground staff was waiting for us (had a clipboard with our names on it) and proceeded to drive us in the buggy to the escalators that would bring us to the departure floor. The buggy ride was much appreciated as we had parked in one of the furthest gates.

After passing through security, we were escorted to the First Class lounge where upon arrival, we requested for the complimentary massage. Thai provides a 30 minute shoulder or foot massage for business class passengers and an hour long oil massage for first class passengers. The lounge attendant made a phone call to Spa Lounge to verify that there were slots open before escorting over the short walk across the hallway to the Spa.

I opted for a dip on the jacuzzi before the massage. Even though it was a nice dip, it did seem to cut down the massage time so I would recommend skipping the jacuzzi if you don't need the dip. The service was a bit off this time as I wasn't given the choice of what oils to use.


We had another 2 hours or so before our flight to Hong Kong. We spent the rest of the time in one of the "semi-private" rooms in the First Class Lounge checking up on email and a bit of work. Similar to our previous visit, the food in the lounge was just as good. The Thai choices are as authentic as what you would get in downtown Bangkok. Love the shrimp cakes and egg rolls. Simply delicious!

We were later informed that there would be a hour delay. Again, no big deal as we weren't a rush to get to Hong Kong and more time to enjoy a couple more glasses of champange (Moet). I was eventually cut off but not due to over drinking but it was time to board the plane. We were escorted to the plane by a ground agent but there would be no buggy this time.

The flight to Hong Kong was operated by the older 747 so not lucky swap to the newer 747 this time round unlike our first time on Thai first class from Hong Kong at the beginning of the year. This flight would be end up being pretty full with 8 of the 14 seats being taken in first class. There was some more delay on the ground as we were waiting for some connecting passengers.The attendants on this flight were definitely than the previous flight as they were much friendlier and kept the drinks free flowing even on the ground while we waited to depart.

Right as we were taxing for take off, it started to rain pretty heavily. There were a couple of bumps on take off but nothing too scary and before we knew it, we were above the clouds.

Right before turning for take-off

Soaring above the rain.
As this was a relatively short 2 hour hop, dinner was served soon after take off. Both of us ended up with the Thai options after the disappointing western options on our previous flight. I had pre-ordered a Lobster pad-thai and it was just so so and slightly overcooked. The fish curry that Lydia had however was good.


Bread Basket


Lobster Pad Thai

Fish Curry

Cheese Plate

Thai Dessert
We continued knocking down what would be our last glasses of Dom for this trip and before we knew it, we arrived in Hong Kong. The trip didn't end there as there were ground personnel to welcome us and to take us on buggies from the plane right up to immigration control. Sure saved a good 15-20 minute walk.


  1. Very unusual to get buggy from the gate to immigration at HKG on TG F. Never had this and I've done this a few times... a change to the SOP?

  2. Oh really? Guess I got lucky or maybe it was due to the delay?

  3. We had no delay on that flight in April and got the buggy at HKG. I think this is a normal part of TGs arrival service in HKG.