Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bangkok Getaway: Introduction


The parents were visiting Penang for a couple of days and decided on a side trip for a couple of days in Bangkok since they had some expiring credit shell on Air Asia. We decided to tag along and took care of the hotel booking and the itinerary.

We had decided to book the Sofitel Silom since we had never stayed there before and we got a pretty good Sofitel sale rate. Closer to the trip we did get worried when there were several bad reviews on tripadvisor and flyertalk due to the on going renovations and future switch to a Pullman in April. We contacted the hotel trying to cancel our reservation (we had a booked a non-refundable rate) but they assured us we would be well taken care off.

In spite of visiting Bangkok numerous times before, one place we have not visited still on our list was Ayutthaya. We booked a private car and guide for a day which took us to Ayutthaya and the Summer Palace. For the rest of the time in Bangkok, we just spent it on shopping and pigging out.

I won't be covering any of the flights since it was another typical short hop on Air Asia.

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