Friday, March 9, 2012

Bangkok Getaway: Pigging Out


Bangkok continues to be one our favorite cities for food. The food in Bangkok is just so good and it ranges from cheap road side stalls to high end (and sometimes cheap) fine dining. We also love the perfect combination of salty, sweet, sour and spicy found in Thai food.

The food court in MBK shopping mall is once place we make sure to visit every time we're in Bangkok. One must try dish is the chicken rice. We didn't end up trying the chicken rice until our third or forth visit favoring other dishes like the Pad Thai, Kueh Cheap, etc but now it's on our must eat list every time we're at the food court. The rice is just so flavorful!

MBK Food Court

We literally pigged out on this trip as we had to try the suckling pig at Tang Jai Yoo restaurant in Chinatown which was made famous by Anthony Bourdain. We manage to make reservations through Visa Concierge. A suckling pig cost 1600 Thai Baht and an additional 100Baht charge for the meat to be cooked which was cheap in comparisons to prices in Malaysia. The suckling pig ended being just pretty mediocre.

As expected, there were a bunch of places for good Thai food around our hotel in Silom. One that we randomly tried was Ta Ling Pling (anyone have any idea what this names mean?!?). The tom yum ended being the best tom yum we had during this visit.

Bangkok is also more than just Thai food. There are plenty of good Japanese restaurants around as well. We manage stumbled on a ramen shop in Central World that was really good. They had a pretty unique cold spicy ramen that was just mouth watering.

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