Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Overall, it has been an wonderful 2013. Most of my travels this year has been for leisure since the move to Austin has negated the need to travel from Penang to Austin for work. I did however was lucky to had to Guadalajara for a week on business which cultivated my taste for real Mexican cuisine and tequila.

One of the the main highlights for the year includes the flying what was one the longest airplane route from Newark to Singapore before Singapore Airlines discontinued the flight late in 2013.

We've also add Swiss Air and Singapore Airlines to the list of new first class flights that we've tried. We're also not in a hurry to fly Swiss Air again since they've made it a personal mission to not honor the ex-Rangoon first class fare.

SQ Suites

Swiss First Class

Lydia and I have also managed to tick off some more places of our places to visit in the US in 2013 by visiting Miami, Washington DC, New Orleans and Philadelphia and enjoying some pretty good food along the way. The only city left on the list is Chicago and we hope to pay Alinea restaurant  a visit during that trip eventually.

The most memorable trip and memory of 2013 has to be the unexpected return to Conrad Maldives during Thanksgiving with a scuba certification. Trip report to follow as soon as possible I promise!

Major changes are coming for both Lydia and I in 2014. We're not sure if we're sticking around Austin in 2014 but more significantly we're expecting a baby boy sometime in late April/early May. We have 1-2 trips at most until we're grounded due to the baby but we've promised ourselves that the baby is not going to ground us and we look forward to sharing the different perspective of having to travel with a kid now.

As always, thanks for reading the blog and looking forward to sharing our future adventures.

Happy New Year!

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