Friday, June 1, 2012

Back to regular programming...

I know, it's been a while. My apologies for not updating the blog but things have been crazy this last couple of weeks. First up was the move from Penang to Austin. Had to pack up, sell the cars and took care of a bunch of errands like cancelling the internet, etc. Pain the butt but happy it's all over now but I do miss our condo in Penang especially the view.

Next up was a scare back home in Kuching with my grandma when she had to be admitted to the hospital. I rushed back for a couple of days before I flew to Austin to spend some time with her. Hope she gets better.

I'm finally now in Austin but there's still much settling in to do. Most importantly, Lydia only gets here in a couple of weeks and I'm missing her like crazy. The place work rented for us is close by work but it's not too nice so we're moving to another unit at the same property in a couple of weeks. I'm still leaving out of suitcases with our shipment of stuff not scheduled to arrive for a couple of weeks. There's still bank and phone accounts to open.

But no fret, I'll try to complete the Seychelles trip by this weekend and have some pretty exciting trip reports coming up. This includes the Emirates F trip report with the shower on the A380 followed by a  SQ A380 business class trip report. I also have a couple of work trips domestically in the US coming up but I'm already itching on some more fun trips towards to end of the year.

Hope you guys continue to enjoy this blog...

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  1. All the best in Austin. Keep up the efforts with the blog, and see you back in the region in the near future. :)