Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last BMI Hoorah: Conclusion


Overall, we were happy with the trip. Tried a new airline, stepped on a new continent and ticked off Seychelles and India of the places we've visited.

It's sad to see BMI go and I wished I had started banking miles into them way earlier in my "traveling life". At least, we had one last hoorah from it. I'm left with ~3000+ miles that are probably going to be useless in Avios. With Asiana being my primary Star Alliance program for *A Gold status, I'm still looking for a secondary program to bank my Star Alliance miles to maximize flight redemptions. I'm looking at United but I'll leave that rant for another day.

On the trip itself, I wished we had spent more in Seychelles especially to visit some of the nearby islands. The Hilton was absolutely stunning and wished we could have spent a couple more days on the other resort in Labriz. I loved that Seychelles was *almost* as pretty as the Maldives but the ability to go around and not being held hostage by the expensive sea planes made up for it. Seychelles - we'll be back!

It was an experience to try Ethiophian Airlines but we wouldn't be rushing to fly them again. A 4-5 hour trip on a 737 without AVOD was not fun, the service was inconsistent and the layover in Addis Ababa left much too be desired. I'll stick to SQ or TG any day..

One of the things I *used* to like to do was maximize routing on redemptions by adding as many layovers as possible to try out new airlines, aircraft, cabins hotels, and destinations. After this trip, I'm sick and tired of the mid-range 4-6 hour flights where there isn't enough time to really sleep. We'll probably be sticking to the more conservative direct routings from now and actually spending more time at the actual destination from now onwards.

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