Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last BMI Hoorah: Addis Ababa to Seychelles


I was excited about transiting through Addis Ababa as this would be our first time in Africa even though it was only for transiting for 2 hours.  I wasn’t expecting that much green when we were on descent towards Addis Ababa.

Our 737-800 parked at a remote gate where ground agents were waiting for us asking which flights we were flying on next and assigning which bus for us to get on. We were brought to the newer Terminal 2 where another ground agent escorted a bunch of us to our departure gates. It was still 1.5 hours before our flight to Seychelles and I was annoyed we weren’t just brought to the lounge.

We made our way ourselves to the Cloud Nine Ethiopia Lounge for Star Gold and Business Glass passengers. We were hungry at this point since breakfast ~6 hours ago didn’t really do it but there was nothing really that appetizing at the lounge. We killed the hunger with some local snacks and Ethiopian beer.

The lounge itself isn’t great and I wouldn’t want to spend more time than needed in it much less and overnight layover. We proceeded back to the departure gate where it was still another thirty minutes before boarding would begin. There was another security screen before entering the departure gate area ala Singapore with a separate "entrance" for gold and business class passengers.

Here’s where it got interesting. On the departure boarded, it showed the flight was to Killamanjaro but with our flight number. The ground agent didn’t make any announcements but did confirm that the plane was to Seychelles when we asked.  It took a good 30 thirty minutes after we boarded before the captain finally came on the PA welcoming the passengers informing that this was a flight to Seychelles and continuing to Killamanjaro. That was good for us since we were already delayed and wanted to get to Seychelles ASAP. Several passengers in business who were going to Killamanjaro let out a big groan as they weren’t informed that their flight was going to make a detour to Killamanjaro! I would have been pisssed too.  Later we did find out that several 737 were grounded (no clue why though) and they had to combine flights due to the lack of aircraft. 

Before departure, the ground agents made a big deal trying to move some passengers in business class around. We were curious why this was happening only to realize that there were trying to get a complete row empty for the flight crew who were going to fly to Seychelles to Killamanjaro flights. How unprofessional! I don’t see why the flight needed two empty seats and the cost of the inconvenience of paying passengers. 

Pre-departure drinks were offered but not delivered. Both of us wanted champagne and the flight attendant left an empty glass which I assumed she would come back with the bottle but never did an offered no explanation.

Notice the empty glasses.
Lunch was served on this flight but disappointingly there were no menus. It was just chicken or beef. The food itself wasn’t bad but nothing special.

Another weird thing was that right before arrival, an amenity kit was offered. Shouldn’t this have been offered earlier during the flight? 

We arrived to a rainy Seychelles. On arrival to Seychelles, overhead storage were not allowed before getting approval from local Seychelles health authorities. It took them an unexplained 10 minutes after doors were opened before allowing us to collect our bags from overhead storage and disembarking.

After 2 flights on Ethiopia, we were DEFINITELY not impressed..


  1. Im glad I saw this TR...I was actually wondering what it would be like to fly I know! thanks for filling in the blanks! hehe

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