Thursday, May 3, 2012

Last BMI Hoorah: Singapore to Mumbai on SQ


This trip started for us in Singapore where I had just arrived from a business trip to the US worrying about delays and missed flights that would have put this holiday to disarray. Before the fun could begin, I was in all the 3 terminals at Changi first arriving in Terminal 3 from my US flight and was sent to Terminal 2 to check-in for our flight to Mumbai after being informed that they could check us in but couldn't take any check-in luggage for flights departing from Terminal 2. Thankfully this was Changi where it was only 30 minutes later, I was back inside airside and hopped over to Terminal 1 to surprise Lydia who was coming on Air Asia from Penang (she was expecting me in the Silverkris Lounge).

We spent the next couple of hours in the Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 3. There is an identical Silverkris Lounge in Terminal 2 but we like the one in Terminal 3 better was it is more airy and you can see outside into the rest of the airport. After lunch and a much needed shower, I still had to finish up work before I could really switch to holiday mode.

I had prebooked our seats in the "business class mini cabin" of 772 which turned out to be a good idea. There was only another couple in our cabin with the front business class completely full. As usual, Singapore Airlines was Singapore Airlines.

Service was excellent and food was great. I had BTCed the Gyu-Don and lobster for both Lydia and me respectively purely as a backup just in case we didn't see anything we liked on the onboard options. After going through the menu, the Indian option of some shrimp dish seemed like a better option than the lobster but they ran out. Wanting to try something new, I decided on the the lamb dish instead.

After dinner, Lydia got a pleasant surprise when the crew brought out a cake and started singing Happy Birthday! Singapore Airlines offers complimentary cakes for special occasions like birthdays and homeymoon which you need to pre-book by calling their call center.

I was worried before the flight that I would not have anything to watch on the IFE. This is what happens when you do a trip to the US in less than a week! Thankfully the IFE options for this flight were already switched to the next month selection even though it was still April.

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