Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Last BMI Hoorah: Hilton Seychelles Northolme


There are 2 Hilton properties in Seychelles – the one in Northolme is on the “main island” and the other Labriz which require a boat transfer. We had initially had wanted to stay in the one at Labriz but couldn’t get availability on our free night certs. I was initially slightly disappointed as the Hilton in Labriz seemed to be nicer but at the end of the day, we were happy with our choice. 

Instead of getting a taxi or arranging a transfer from the Hilton, we decided to rent a car since it would have cost the same as the return transfer and it allowed us to explore the island. It was an easy thirty minute drive to the hotel. 

WOW was our reaction when we got out of the car. The folks at the reception were waiting for us where we were offered a welcome drink before quickly checking in and giving us a tour around the resort before showing us to our room.

Since all the rooms are the same at the hotel, there are no upgrades provided which wasn’t a big deal since the rooms were great. The hotel is situated on a cliff which gives most room great views of the ocean.  Our favorite feature of the room was the bathtub large enough for two that was equipped with water jets.

As Hilton Gold members, breakfast was free at the Hilltop Restaurant. The choices from the buffet weren’t as extensive as some hotels we visited but quality was adequate. There's even sparkling wine!


Other Gold perks included free internet which is always appreciated, welcome gift of chocolate, snacks, a local bottle of rum on our second night and complimentary afternoon tea.

The beach at the hotel itself is tiny which could disappoint some. It didn’t bother us as the view of the cliffs, green and mountain was simply breathtaking. Totally different from what you would get from Maldives.

Disappointingly, the sea did get choppy and it was rainy when we were there but we did manage to get a couple of swims in between. The coral was disappointing and no way close to what you would see in Bali in Maldives. I bet there are better locations that are accessible by boat though. The sea life however was pretty good. There are 2 reef sharks that live around the Hilton and I did see one close to the shore right as I was about to get in. We also saw some squid which was a first for us! The fishes was also on the larger side which I liked.

There's also a small but functional gym. The best thing was running on the treadmill to the great views of the ocean and mountains.

All in all, we thoroughly our time at the Hilton.  We definitely do want to come back for a longer time and combine it with a stay at the Labriz.

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  1. Looks good Calvin--I was actually looking at this before, but wasnt sure...your review helps us a lot.....thanks