Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last BMI Hoorah: Dubai to back home on Thai


After completing the quick check-in, security and immigration formalities, we were off to the lounges. Thai uses the Marhaba Lounge in Dubai but we decided to head over to the Lufthansa lounge first which was located across from the Marhaba Lounge. The Lufthansa lounge was tiny but furnished similarly to their other lounges around the world. Since we were still full from the early dinner, we just snacked on some pretzels and the obligatory German beer.

We were comfortable and didn't need to move but figured for the blog/trip report, we headed over to the Marhaba Lounge about 30 minutes before boarding. What a bad idea! We didn't like this lounge at all. It was dingy and there weren't any good food or drinks. Should have just stayed in the Lufthansa lounge.

Since the lounge wasn't too interesting and we were already bored, we headed to the gate fifteen minutes before the scheduled boarding time. There was a long line trying to get into the departure gate so we just wandered around the nearby shops waiting for the line to thin out. When we got to the packed departure gate, I was dismayed to see the flight attendants still in the gate area, a sign that the flight was probably going to get further delayed.

Boarding was a complete mess. Sure they did announce priority boarding for families with young children, business class and Star gold members but it was enforced horribly. The only contract ground agent checking boarding passes was standing behind the door and was semitrying to enforce the boarding priority by not letting passengers in economy board yet. Only problem was that everyone was crowding around the door and he just told them no, you can't board yet but didn't tell them to go sit back down and make way for the rest of the passengers. I got hold off of a Thai ground agent (easy to tell with the purple uniform) and gave her an earful on how horrible the boarding process was and they should do a better job. She seemed apologetic but we'll see if things improve.

We were glad to be finally in the sanctuary of the business cabin on the A330 taking us to Bangkok. The flight attendants were smiling and coming around offering hot towels and per-departure drinks. The couple in front of us asked for champagne but was told that it was against the law in Dubai to serve alcohol on the ground. Yea right - try boarding an Emirates flight..

Dinner/supper was served on this flight and as usual, we both went with the Asian options.

The seats on this flight were not lie flat but that didn't stop us for getting 3-4 hours of shut eye before descending into Bangkok. Just wish I could have slept longer. How I hate red-eye flights that are only 6-7 hours long. Just not enough time to get some good sleep.

I had a three hour layover in Bangkok before hoping on another Thai flight to Kuala Lumpur.We spent the layover enjoying the complimentary 30 minute shoulder massage before freshening up with a shower and coffee later. We bade farewell at my departure gate where I was flying to Kuala Lumpur to catch a flight back to Dubai on Emirates later in the evening (another trip report for that adventure!). Lydia spent the rest of the day at the airport hoping in and out of both the Singapore lounge for food and the Thai lounge for some shuteye in one of their slumber rooms before heading back to Penang later that evening.

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