Friday, June 24, 2011

Second Honeymoon in Maldives: Emirates First Class - Dubai to Colombo


This was our last Emirates First class flight on this trip. We left the hotel around 5am for our 7.45am flight to Colombo.  We were promptly picked up via the Emirates chauffer drive and dropped off at the premium check-in area.  We spent the next hour or so with a back massage first proceeded by breakfast.

Our breakfast items:

The gate for the Colombo flight was a 10 minute hike away from the lounge and when we got there, found out it was a remote gate and we had to be bused to the plane. We again had the non-suites first class variant Boeing 700-300ER.  After settling in our seats, the fight stewardess offered champagne, dates and Arabic coffee.  She recognized us from our Colombo to Dubai flight a week earlier and we made some small talk on where we were going, etc.  The service from her for the rest of the flight was top notch with her bringing whatever we wanted and periodically checking up on us to see if needed anything.

First class was about 75% full and this prompted a trolley meal service. The pursuer came around explaining that they would be only doing a trolley meal service about 45 minutes into the flight and there would be no dining on demand. At this point, we were still full from breakfast in the lounge and would have much appreciated if we could have dined at the tail end of the flight.  

The other interesting part of this flight was that we requested some toys for our imaginary 4 year old niece and nephew.  We were expecting just soft toys and were pleasantly surprised to be given a bag filled with toys and other various items by the wonderful flight stewardess mentioned above.
The rest of the flight was spent with more champagne, wine and food while watching a couple of movies. Feels like a high-end cinema serving good food and drinks albeit at 30000 feet in the air.

Dessert wine to end the flight

On descent

At Colombo Airport

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