Saturday, July 2, 2011

Second Honeymoon in Maldives: Getting home on Malaysia Airlines


We arrived back at Colombo airport about 4 hours before our departure time. We were stuck in the land-side waiting area as the check-in counters for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) did not open until about 3 hours before departure.  When the counters opened, we were the first few to get checked-in.
After clearing immigration, we proceeded to the Lotus Lounge thanks to our Priority Pass card. We took a much needed shower after being hot and sweaty from the day in Negombo. The lounge itself was pretty similar to the Araliya lounge visited earlier during the trip.

This flight on MAS to Kuala Lumpur would be our first international flight with them in a couple of years. We have primarily been flying Star Alliance carriers or Air Asia for our regional travels. I was pretty excited upon boarding that we got one of the newer 737-800 planes on this flight instead of the in-famous 737-400 planes.  The load in economy was about 75% full with several passengers moving to the back after the doors closed.  We had an entire row to ourselves which made the flight more comfortable. 

The service on this flight even in economy class was excellent. There was a round beverage and peanut service before supper was served. This however did made sleeping for those passengers who just wanted to sleep on this red-eye a bit more difficult with the cabin lights left on until after the supper service.

We arrived on time in Kuala Lumpur and proceeded to the domestic terminal after a 30 minute line through immigration. We spent the next hour or so in the food court checking email and finding out MAS was joining Oneworld.

We again had a newer 737-800 back to Penang. The flight was full with only a drink and peanut service on this short 45 minute flight. Before we knew it, we were back home and the second honeymoon was over.
MAS 737-800 taking us back to Penang

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