Sunday, June 12, 2011

Second Honeymoon in Maldives: Emirates Dubai First Class Lounge


We headed back to the airport slightly early at midnight for our 3am flight to Male since we wanted to spend some time exploring the Emirates First Class lounge.  We took the same 6 seater van although there was another passenger with us at this time.  We were dropped off at the dedicated Emirates First/Business entrance where there were virtually no lines to check-in our bags to Male.  

We then headed to the Emirates First Class lounge. Our first impressions were that this was a large and spacious lounge but we were not as “wowed” by it if compared to our visit to Lufthansa First Class Terminal. This is also where I think Emirates could do better with dedicated escort or cart service to and from the lounge.

We explored the lounge for a bit before settling down in one of the many empty sofas and promptly ordered champagne. Emirates serves Veuve Clicquot champagne on the ground and the better stuff called Dom would have to wait for when we get on to the plane.

Combination throughout the night:

Emirates offers first class passengers a choice of a 15 minute foot reflexology, shoulder/back massage or hair cut. Lydia went with the shoulder/back massage and Calvin went with the haircut. Where can you get a haircut in the airport at 1 am in the morning?! We definitely think it was a good experience in our opinion. 
By 1.30 am we were feeling slightly hungry and headed to the sit down restaurant for supper.  We ordered a steak and scallops and they turned out really good. The food was even better than the stuff we had at the Le Meridien! We also grab some food from the buffet where there is a large selection of items including cheeses, sushi, breads, salads and other warm food.  

Interesting bread oven:

By the time we finished supper, it was time to board the plane....


  1. Wearing shorts and slippers on F? How typical Malaysian! It is observed that East Asians that wear shorts and slippers at airports are mostly Malaysians.

  2. Well, we were headed to Maldives where I didn't need long pants or shoes. Couldn't be bothered with it..