Friday, January 13, 2012

Air Asia X drops Europe and India

WOW. Rumors were afloat last week that Air Asia X might be cancelling their European and Indian destinations which I thought and hoping were just rumors especially with the London routes. There have been many articles and debate on whether low cost long haul will work and being biased as a Malaysian even though I don't fly them long haul, I was hoping Air Asia X would prove everyone wrong.

Air Asia X is blaming the economic situation in Europe and high carbon tax for the failure in London/Paris and high airport charges for the failure in India. What I don't get is that all other airlines have to go through this but have you seen Emirates cancelling flights to London. On other hand, they are further expanding with more A380 flights to London! My personal opinion is that the price difference between Air Asia X and the mideast airlines like Emirates and Qatar have become negligible where consumers are choosing the mideast airlines where you get luggage, food, IFE and pre-assigned seating for just a bit more or even the same price.

There are also parties that believe the flight cancellation is merely a route rationalization after the MAS/AirAsia share swap so they don't kill each other. Air Asia X just got approval to fly to Sydney where as MAS would be starting flights on the A380 to London soon. What a coincidence! This might be good for the two airlines but this can't be good for customers as this means less competition.

Only time will tell if Air Asia X will bring back Europe flights and the real reasons behind the cancellation. I guess they gave it a shot..

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