Friday, January 6, 2012

Hilton Q1 2012 Promos

I hope you can tell by my late update on Hilton's Q1 Promo that I'm not particularly excited about it. There's actually two on-going promos. The first is a free night for every 5 consecutive nights at a selected list of Hilton Resorts world wide. The list of participating hotels are limited and there is a maximum of 2 free nights that can be earned.

The second is a 1000 Bonus points for every week night plus a 5000 bonus points if the stay is through 2 weekend nights. Weekends are defined as Thursday to Sunday so the stay can either be on Thursday - Friday, Friday - Saturday or Saturday - Sunday to qualify for the 5000 bonus points.

Registration is required for both promos.

This promo is not exciting enough for me to do any mattress running unlike the Q4 Free Night Promo.

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